The Glendale Humane Society is a No-Kill shelter which operates entirely on donations and volunteers. Any help you can provide is appreciated.

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We Help The Humane Society!

In an effort to help lost, abandoned an abused animals find loving home, we donate grooming to special need animals at the Pasadena Humane Society, and the Glendale Humane Society.

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Grooming Appointment!

Mobile pet grooming Northridge, Porter Ranch, and Granda Hills.

If you would like an appointment in the next few days, it would be best to call us directly. We might not be in your area on a certain day. We can be reached at 818 890-4900 Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.

Schedules are Available

Most of our clients are on a pre-reserved schedule. This ensures that the desired day of the week and as close to the requested time slot can be met! This option will take the worry out of you having to remember when your beloved pet is due for a grooming.

All appointments are given a 2-hour window of arrival. This means that the groomer could arrive anytime during that window. An example would be 9am - 11am or 2pm - 4pm. We need to do this because grooming pets it is not always an exact science. We give the time needed to each pet to ensure that they are comfortable during the grooming process. This sometime results in us falling behind in our day, but nonetheless we do it for the sake of the pet! We also never know how traffic in Southern California will be. We try to stay in touch with our clients if the day has been delayed and we are running behind. Our Clients are also more than welcome to contact our office to see if we can get a better idea from the groomer on what the ETA may be.

We offer schedules starting weekly and going out from there. The majority of our clients are on a four week schedule. This is the minimum recommendation from vets on how often a pet should be groomed, for sanitary purposes.

Your pet may have other special grooming requirements that we would be glad to accommodate. Please contact us to discuss the different options that we offer.

Once a schedule is established we will send you a list of reserved appointment dates for the entire year. We will call you a day or two before the date of arrival to remind you and give you a two hour window of arrival. This option will take the worry of you having to remember when your beloved pet is due for a grooming.

If for some reason you need to reschedule a pre-reserved appointment this is understandable. We ask that you contact us as in advance as possible to make these arrangements. We will need a minimum of 48 hours to guarantee the accommodation of this request. If notice is not received you will be charged a $50.00 service fee to cover the time and gas of the groomer traveling to your location. We Thank you in advance for understanding this policy.