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Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming inside truck

Mobile Dog & Cat
Grooming Services!

Your pets will love that they don't need to spend the whole day at the grooming salon. You will love not making trips to and from the salon, and you will love our quality of service!

Your pets will have less stress knowing they are not far from home in the Mobile Salon, either in front of your home or office. Your pets can smell that they are still in their environment which will make them happy. You will love and appreciate the quality of service once you have hugged your pet and felt how soft and wonderful they feel! 

All of our shampoos are soap free, alcohol free, and perfume free. Please let us know if your pet has any skin sensitivities or allergies.

After every bath we give a hot-oil massage of Tea Tree and Lavender oil, which is wonderful for the skin and coat! The disinfectant qualities of the Tea Tree oil remove the invisible layer of dander that we cannot see but that accumulates over time. The Lavender oil leaves a wonderful clean sent. We do not believe in perfuming or masking any odors. This method ensures a true long lasting freshness that you will greatly appreciate!

We brush the teeth, and flush ears with a vet approved drying solution. This is great for pets that have ear problems and helps to keep the ears healthy. We express the anal glands, if needed. We clean the eye area, trim nails, and of course cut and style to your wishes. For the breeds that need it, we will remove the hair from their ears as well!

We specialize in cats of all sizes, and temperaments.

We clean and disinfect our vans after every family of pets are groomed. This ensures that your pet would never be exposed to kennel cough, fleas, or any other virus that might be out there. This is our way of giving you peace of mind knowing that your pets are being cared for with love and kindness.

Because of the unique nature of each breed, size, coat condition, and medical condition, please call us for a quote price. Prices start at $95 and vary depending upon which services are needed for that visit.


Prices are general quotes only. It would be impossible to get an exact price over the phone. We like to disclose the best and most extreme possibility to our clients. Below is our General Pricing Guideline. Please contact us to discuss your pet(s) and we will do our best to get you a quote.

Small Dogs:
$95 for a Bath and Brush.
$95/$115 for a Bath and Trim (includes trimming of the feet, private area, and the area near the eyes if needed).
$115/$125+ for a Bath and Hair Cut.

Medium dogs:
$125/$145 (depending on coat and condition).

For Large Dogs under 80lbs
$95  for a Bath and a Brush.
$95/$125  Bath and a Trim (includes trimming of the feet, private area, and the area near the eyes if needed).
$145/195  Bath and a Clip (Full body hair cut) Depending on coat and condition.

Bath and Trim  starts at $145.
Bath and a Clip (full hair cut) can run anywhere from $175/$235 (depending on temperament and condition).

Dogs with thick double coats and pets with Matted/Troubled coats:
The first visit can run higher due to the extra time and care needed to remove matting or remove and brush a thick undercoat. If you can work with us we can get your pet in great shape, no matter what their condition.

Sometimes we have to shave a dog because of excessive matting, possibly down to the skin. It is our main objective to use extra care for your pet and ensure their comfort.  We don’t want to hurt a pet, and we know that you don’t want us to put your pet under any additional stress. We will communicate with you on what we expect we can do with your pet upon evaluation and work out a game plan with you.

Here are some Breeds (Extra Large Breeds & Thick coated Breeds) to help you get an idea of potential cost:

Akitas: $125/$175
Samoyeds: $145/$195
Keshounds: $125/$165
Huskys: $125/$165
Malamutes: $145/$195
Great Danes: $125/$145
St. Bernards: Short Hair: $145/$195/Long Hair: $175/$225
Great Pyreneses: $175/$225

We offer you a great service at a fair price. Most extras such as brushing the teeth, flushing the ears, removing the hair in the ears, expressing the anal glands, trimming the nails, and cleaning the eye area are all included in our base prices.